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Getting a job at a startup is a networked path and individual search. Throughout your time at HBS, use resources such as the Rock Center, VCPs, EIRs, Baker Library’s Research Consultants, HBS Club Newsletters, and the many connections of HBS to global startup regions.


Learn about EC summer experiences at startups and as founders and VCs:

  • Attend the Rock Summer Fellow Wrap-Up to hear Entrepreneurial Stories from Rising ECs (provides funding)

What does a startup job search look like?

  • Meet with a Career and Professional Development (CPD) entrepreneurship coach (login required)
  • Visit Baker Library for help with targeting startups.

Build relevant skills and experience:

Meet with potential startups who might be hiring

Check out the Tech Club’s plans for visiting startups over break via West Trek, NYC trek, and other locations

Build your knowledge of the trends in different startup industries:

  • Attend Tech, CAML, and E-ship club speaker series and conferences.
  • Do industry research at Baker Library (Research Consultants and Research Databases).
  • Attend Rock Summer Fellows info session.


Participate in Startup Bootcamp

Go on Tech Club Treks to visit startups, VCs, and tech companies in different hotspots (Tech Club, Health Care Club, Venture Capital & Private Equity Club)

Sign up for Startup Toolkit SIP.


Identify potential startup companies to target for your job search:

Attend Tech, CAML, and E-ship club speaker series and conferences to network with influencers and decision makers.

Apply as a Joiner to the Rock Summer Fellowship program

Build entrepreneurship and tech skills:

  • The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM)

Attend “Entering StartUpLand” presentation with Jeff Bussgang


Work at a startup and serve as a Rock Summer Fellow


Take EC Courses to build startup skills and experience:

  • Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing
  • Launching Tech Ventures
  • Founders’ Journey
  • Startup Operations

Get additional startup experience:

  • Work on a project for a startup for credit through an Independent Project

Attend Tech, CODE, BlockChain, AI, and Entrepreneurship club speaker series and conferences


Connect with potential startups around postschool roles.

Develop target list of companies to research and prep for outreach.

Attend an Immersion Field Course to Israel, London, or Silicon Valley


Take EC Courses to build startup skills and experience:

  • Scaling Tech Ventures
  • Making Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Sales

Map out your startup search process and approach:

  • CPD career coach
  • Rock Center staff
  • HBS Professors

Attend “Entering StartUpLand” presentation with Jeff Bussgang.