Students planning to launch a new venture and seeking founder-related programs, resources, and guidance.


Students interested in joining a startup (internship or full-time role) and are seeking opportunities to build relevant skills and understand the startup recruiting process.


Students interested in building their skills as an investor and seeking roles at a startup-focused investment firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do HBS students go for info about entrepreneurship?

Start with the Rock Center’s website, calendar, and staff ( Also check the MBA calendar, student clubs, and the Harvard Innovation Labs.

How do I get information on specific industries/areas of interest?

Explore HBS Initiatives and contact Baker Library for an experience staff member who can provide research guidance for your startup or recruiting efforts.

Where can I get career advice?

Career & Professional Development (CPD) provides career coaches, workshops, and job postings and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Rock Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are available by appointment.

How do I know if I want to be a founder, joiner, or venture capitalist — or even if entrepreneurship is right for me?

Talk with a CPD career coach, join a team for Startup Bootcamp, use the Rock Summer Fellowship to work on your own venture or work for an early stage startup, and join the Rock Venture Partners program.

How do I find other people interested in entrepreneurship?

Each class has more than 900 students and there are several key ways to make these connections at a more intimate level:

  • Join one of the entrepreneurship and industry-focused student clubs.
  • Join the Entrepreneurship Forum, a group of 8–10 RC students for bi-weekly sessions focused on feedback and support.
  • Register for Startup Bootcamp — Join a team and work alongside 150 students as you learn how to launch a new venture.
  • Spend time in one of the Harvard Innovation Labs for opportunities to meet student entrepreneurs across Harvard.
  • Explore HBS Initiatives — A great way to connect with potential co-founders or employers around specific topics/industries.
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities across the Boston area to attend local events, hackathons, groups, and conferences.
How do I explore becoming a Venture Capitalist?

Get involved in the Rock Venture Partners program. Apply in your Spring semester for this year-long seminar for aspiring venture capitalists. As an RVP, you’ll select and determine funding for the Rock Accelerator program team. You’ll also intern at a VC firm during your EC year and meet with VCs at some of the top firms in the country. And check out the Venture Capital & Private Equity Club for their annual conference, Speaker Series, and Career Treks.

What’s the difference between the Rock Center and the i-labs?
The Rock Center provides programming and events targeted to MBAs who come to campus with a high degree of business acumen. We do not offer workspace but encourage students to use the Harvard Innovation Labs, known as the i-labs. The i-lab is a great workspace open to all registered students in any Harvard school, including undergraduates, who are working on a startup. It has been described as a place of “structured spontaneity” where students from across campus meet around a common interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Rock Center’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Venture Capital Partners hold their office hours at the i-labs. We highly recommend you visit and explore some of the i-labs’ programs such as the Venture Incubation Program, Workshops, and the President’s Innovation Challenge.
How do I get feedback on my venture?

Regardless of your stage in the entrepreneurial journey, HBS provides opportunities for feedback and guidance on your venture:

  • Rock Center Team — Schedule office hours with the Rock Team for advice and guidance.
  • Rock EIRs — Experienced entrepreneurs provide 1:1 feedback and advice.
  • Rock VC Partners — Experienced VCs provide 1:1 feedback and advice.
  • New Venture Competition — All entrants receive in person and written feedback from entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.
  • Professors — Get insights from the RC and EC faculty during their office hours.
  • i-lab Team — Schedule office hours with the i-lab Team.
What sources of funding are there?

HBS offers several funding sources for students and their startups in various stages of development. They include:

What competitions are available?
New Venture Competition, President’s Innovation Challenge, SEAS i3 Innovation Challenge, HBS Clubs’ pitch events
How do I find a job at a startup?
Finding a job at a startup takes patience, time, and creativity as many of the best opportunities won’t come until April or May. Many of your fellow classmates will have locked in their summer jobs long before you do. Don’t worry — that is totally normal. Attend one of the “How To Do a Startup Job Search Workshops” offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. Learn about the tools and databases available for finding startups and doing background research. Attend one of Baker Library’s sessions, and schedule a Baker Research Consultation session. Set up a 1:1 session with a CPD startup-focused Career Coach and check the Rock Center and Tech Club Newsletters where you’ll find listings of jobs, starting in the March-May timeframe.