HBS VC Pathways - Breaking into Venture Capital

Think you want to become a VC, but not sure what the job really entails or how to break into the industry? VC is an apprenticeship and a never-ending learning journey, but HBS VC Pathways is a new program designed for RCs to understand upfront whether this journey is a fit for them and start preparing for summer internship recruiting process in VC.

Session 1: Is VC for Me? If so, which VC fund

  • Topics covered:
    • What do you think it takes to be a great VC - particularly in today’s competitive landscape?
    • What criteria did you consider when deciding what kind of fund to join (or start)?
    • What do you look for when recruiting investors to join your fund?
    • What was your own personal journey into VC ?
      • Why did you pursue VC?
      • What did it take for you to learn “the VC job” and what would you recommend to learn the “basic ropes” of VC? (Or is there even such a thing, as people often refer to it as an apprenticeship?)
    • What would you recommend as a path for others interested to pursue VC?
      • Considerations, qualifications, expectations?
      • Would you recommend VC student scout opportunities for example?
    • What’s your favorite part and least favorite part about the VC job?

Session 2: Building an Investment Thesis

  • Topics covered:
    • Tell me about your thesis
    • Why did you decide to focus on XYZ domain?
    • How did you go about building your thesis?
    • How does your thesis give you an advantage in sourcing and selecting investment opportunities?
    • What advice might you share on how to select an area of focus for a new investor?

Session 3: Sourcing and Selecting Investment Opportunities

  • Topics covered:
    • How do you think about sourcing and selecting?
    • Tell me about your best deal. How did you source that opportunity? What led you to pursue & select the opportunity?
    • What are the typical deal sources for VC funds vs your fund? What are the pros and cons for different sourcing approaches?
    • What is your personal sourcing strategy? What criteria are most important for your due diligence process?
    • What tips can you share for me as I start sourcing & selecting opportunities for the first time?
    • How do you build a sustainable advantage in sourcing and consistently selecting the best opportunities?

Note: There are opportunities to gain deeper knowledge through VC related courses such as VCJ and VCPE during EC year.