HBS VC Pathways - Breaking into Venture Capital

Think you want to become a VC, but not sure what the job really entails or how to break into the industry? VC is an apprenticeship and a never-ending learning journey, but HBS VC Pathways is a new program designed for RCs to understand upfront whether this journey is a fit for them and start preparing for summer internship recruiting process in VC.

  • Info Session: Sept 20th, 7pm @Harvard i-Lab, Room 122. RSVP here.
  • Apply to join the HBS VC Pathways program here by 11:59 pm ET on Sept 27, 2022 to meet some of the world’s best VCs and learn tactical steps for navigating the VC recruiting process.
  • Note: There are opportunities to gain deeper knowledge through VC related courses such as VCJ and VCPE during EC year.