The Rock Summer Fellows program, funded by gifts from Arthur Rock and the John F. Lebor Family, provides a chance for students during the summer between their RC (first-year) and EC (second-year) year to focus on their new venture, working for a startup or learning about venture capital.

The programming will primarily focus on the “How to” of starting a venture and work to translate theory into practice. We will hold optional sessions to review best practices, common mistakes and tools and approaches to determining if you and your startup or the startup you are working for are moving in the right direction. Students will spend the summer independently working on your their startup, meeting customers, developing tactics, and meeting with experts.

Through a 10-12 week summer fellowship that provides substantial financial support as well as a peer network and community, RC students can work on their venture idea or work at an early-stage startup. Fellowships are limited in number and awarded based on the order in which your application is received.

Learn more about the 2023 Rock Summer Fellows - Rock Accelerator Programming (.docx).

Key Steps

  1. Plan early

    This is a competitive program and those interested in applying, should begin working on their startup idea or meet with potential early-stage startups as early as possible.

  2. Attend the Info Session on Summer Fellowships

    Learn all about the Rock Summer Fellows program, HBS and the key information needed to submit a strong application. Keep an eye out for the info session date in the Rock student newsletter.

  3. Review our selection preferences

    We set these guidelines so that you may know how we are reviewing applicants but acknowledge that there may be some limits that are flexible depending on the total application.

    We are excited about the energy around entrepreneurship. However, only those applicants committed to an entrepreneurial endeavor - whether as a Founder or Joiner - with well-defined plans and goals for the summer will be selected. As such, we would like all applicants to thoughtfully consider these selection preferences.


    Please fill out this template (.pptx) and submit it along with your Summer Fellows application. We are assessing based on content, not on the aesthetics of your slides. We do NOT want you to submit a pitch deck. Rather you should use this template and fill out each slides based on your particular business. Contact with any questions.