CompanyThe Sabbatical Project

Skills & Expertise B2B, Board Roles, Building a Team, Co-Founder Dynamics, Company Culture, Pitch Feedback, Scaling, Social Impact, Strategic Partnerships

Industry  Finance; International Development; Personal Health & Wellness; Software/App

Virtual Appointments  Oct 18

In-Person Appointments  Sept 27; Sept 28; Nov 17; Nov 18; Dec 8

DJ DiDonna has dedicated his career to commercializing social science research to create organizations which positively impact the world.

In 2019, DJ founded The Sabbatical Project to define, explore, and research sabbaticals. He is currently writing a popular press book that explores the role of extended leave in a thriving economy and healthy society. DJ’s work on sabbaticals has appeared in The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Quartz, Fortune and at TEDx in Silicon Valley.

DiDonna previously cofounded EFL Global, a fintech for-profit social enterprise which enabled over $2B in capital to underbanked businesses and individuals across 20+ countries before being acquired in 2018.

On his sabbatical, DJ walked 900 miles on pilgrimage in Shikoku, Japan and ran a poverty research lab (LEO) at his alma mater Notre Dame. Outside of work, you can find him plotting how to be in Big Outdoors. DJ received his MBA from Harvard Business School.