CompanyGeneral Catalyst Partners, Datalogix, Air Miles, Flashfood, Index

Skills & Expertise Building a Team, Co-Founder Dynamics, Customer Acquistion; Fundraising Strategies, Pitch Feedback; Scaling, Strategic Partnerships

Industry  Venture Capital; Advertising; Consumer Products & Packaged Goods

Virtual Appointments  Nov 20, Dec 6, Dec 18

Rob (MBA 1991) has founded or co-founded six companies, with combined exits totaling more than $2.25 billion. He is an Executive in Residence at General Catalyst Partners where he principally invests in technology companies that work with traditional retailers.

His most recent investment is in Flashfood, a business that works with supermarkets to significantly reduce food waste while helping families with their weekly food bill. In 2016 Rob invested in Index, a point-of-sale technology company. Rob became Chairman of the company and worked with Indexs founders to help retail clients improve their customer data collection and digital marketing capabilities through enhancing their existing point-of-sale assets. Index was sold to Strip in April of 2018.

Previously Rob was Chairman and CEO of Datalogix which he founded in 2007. Datalogix was a General Catalyst backed company that provided data and technology-driven solutions for leading retailers to dramatically improve the targeting and measurement of their digital advertising efforts. Datalogix clients included companies like Kroger, Walmart, P&G, Unilever and Facebook. The company was acquired by Oracle in 2015 for over $1.2 billion and is now the backbone of the Oracle Data Cloud.

Prior to founding Datalogix Rob co-founded and was CEO of Loyalty Management Group, the company that established and runs the Nectar program, the United Kingdom's largest loyalty program. The company grew from a start-up to a business with over $400 million in revenues with participating companies that included Sainsburys, BP and American Express. LMG was sold to Group Aeroplan, a publically traded Canadian company, in December 2007 in a $750 million cash transaction.

Rob was a co-founder of The Loyalty Group, which runs the Air Miles Reward Program, Canada's largest loyalty program, with over 70% of Canadian households actively participating, and revenues of over $650 million. TLG was sold in 1998 for $200 million.