CompanyTBD Angels

Skills & Expertise B2B, Board Roles, Building a Team, Co-Founder Dynamics, Company Culture, Customer Acquisition, Fundraising Strategies, Market Research, Pitch Feedback, Strategic Partnerships

Industry  Finance; Insurance; Software/App; Venture Capital; Media & Publishing; Ecommerce; Electronics & Hardware

Virtual Appointments  Feb 26; Mar 14; Apr 2; Apr 10

Shereen is a founder of multiple Boston-based startups, most recently Nth Party (acq. MGNI) and Atlantic Quantum. She was previously a Boston-based venture capitalist, entrepreneur and active angel investor. Previously, Shereen served as a Fund Manager and CEO at Launch Angels, a Boston-based seed stage VC firm, where she managed the Where Funds investments in 13 early stage companies. She co-founded BuysideFX, where she led Product and was a member of the management team, and held a similar role at Boston-based Currensee (acq. Oanda).

Her earlier career consisted of launching internal fintech ventures for large financial services firms, after joining the technology strategy firm DiamondCluster (acq. PWC) in its early days. Shereen also spent six years working as an environmental engineer after graduating from Duke University.

Shereen received her M.B.A. from MITs Sloan School and holds an M.P.A. from Harvards Kennedy School.