CompanyCinetic Media & Sloss Eckhouse Dasti Haynes LawCo

Skills & Expertise Building a Team, Business Development, Corporate Consulting, Go-To-Market Strategy, Strategic Partnerships

Industry  Arts & Culture; Entertainment

Virtual Appointments  Not Accepting Appointments

John Sloss is a principal at the media advisory firm, Cinetic and partner in Sloss Eckhouse LawCo. Through Cinetic, he produces motion pictures and television, provides various content sales and corporate advisory services, and presides over a rapidly growing talent management division. The films he has produced or executive produced include Richard Linklaters BOYHOOD, LAST FLAG FLYING, and “BEFORE” Series, Todd Hayness WONDERSTRUCK and IM NOT THERE, Peter Farrellys GREEN BOOK, Errol Morriss THE FOG OF WAR, Kimberly Peirces BOYS DONT CRY, Jennifer Westfeldts FRIENDS WITH KIDS, and Ethan Hawkes BLAZE. In addition to his ongoing roles at Sloss Eckhouse LawCo and Cinetic Media, John founded Filmbuff, a digital distribution company, which he later sold. He founded Producers Distribution Agency in 2010, a theatrical distribution company which has released Banksys EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, Asif Kapadias SENNA, Emilio Estevezs THE WAY, and Katie Dellamaggiores BROOKLYN CASTLE among other titles. He also founded the groundbreaking digital production and distribution company InDigEnt alongside Gary Winnick and IFC Films.