Jerry (HBS-04) joined Greylock in 2013 as an investor and currently sits on the Board of Docker, Awake Security, Attic Labs, Cato Networks, Gladly, and Rhumbix. Prior to joining Greylock, Jerry was Vice President of Cloud and Application Services at VMware. While at VMware, Jerry launched dozens of products including several “1.0” releases and started two new business units for VMware including the Cloud Application Platform and the Enterprise Desktop business units.

In particular, Jerry enjoys the challenge of creating and defining new product categories and thinking through the challenges of Go-To-Market. As part of the team that created Cloud Foundry, Jerry ran the product management and marketing teams responsible for all of VMwares application infrastructure products and its big data projects.

Jerry created and coined the term “VDI” for virtual desktop infrastructure as part of the creation of VMwares enterprise desktop and application virtualization businesses.