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Skills & ExpertiseForming teams, assessing ideas, developing plans, pitching to investors, strategic deals, the CEO role.

Russ (HBS-95) is an experienced founder and CEO who enjoys helping all kinds of start-up companies. A Co-Founder and CEO of E Ink, he has lived the entire venture cycle: seed formation, research, product development, and expansion from $0 to $200 million in revenue, and sale of the company. Russ has closed numerous financings, including angel, venture, offshore, and strategic investments; and signed and lived with many kinds of partnerships and alliances. Russ has also worked with start-ups in software, hardware, science, printing, imaging, robotics, and energy. Most recently, he licensed technology to co-found a biotech start-up for drug discovery in immuno-oncology.

InterestsRuss loves foreign cultures and traveled around the world with his family in 2010-2011. He is fascinated by international relations, economics and education.

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