CompanyGlasswing Ventures

Skills & ExpertiseEvaluating business models and concepts; B2C and B2B4C products and services; raising capital; seed and early round funding sources; digital media; social marketing; SaaS and consumer internet.

Rudina (HBS-05), Founder and Managing Partner in Cambridge, Massachusetts based, Glasswing Ventures has experience in investing in start-ups, working with founders and executive teams, and developing strategies for growing businesses. Rudina has led technology investments and acquisitions in startup companies in the fields of robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS marketing technologies and digital media. In her role as Partner at Fairhaven Capital, Rudina serves as lead investor and Director on the Boards of Celtra, CrowdTwist, Jibo, SocialFlow and Statisfy. Her previous role at Microsoft gave her the insight on the acquisition side of ventures from a large company perspective. She has been a judge on a variety of business plan competitions and a mentor for TechStars. She has written a column at focused on e-commerce and social marketing and regularly appears on Entrepreneurs Grill with Scott Kirsner.

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