CompanyNCL (National Cycling League), Former Ovia Health

Skills & Expertise B2C, Board Roles, Building a Team, Co-Founder Dynamics, Company Culture, Fundraising Strategies, Pitch Feedback, Scaling, Social Impact, Strategic Partnerships

Industry  Biotech & Life Sciences; Digital Health; Healthcare; Personal Health & Wellness; Software/App

Virtual Appointments  Feb 13th; Feb 29th; Mar 6th; Apr 2nd

In-Person Appointments  Feb 1st

Paris Wallace (He/Him) is the CEO & Founder of NCL (Hiring). EIR @ Harvard Business School. Investor. DEI Crusader. Cyclist. Ovia Health (Acquired: LH). Good Start Genetics (Acquired: NVTA)

Paris is the founder and CEO of the NCL the first majority-minority and female professional sports league. THe NCL is revolutionizing cycling in the United States and building the professional sports league of the future – one that embraces technology, diverse ownership, gender equity, sustainability, and community investment. Paris is also currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Harvard Business School. In 2021 Paris sold Ovia Health to Labcorp (LH). Paris was the CEO and founder of Ovia Health, the leading women’s health and technology company. Ovia Health's fertility, pregnancy, and parenting programs helped over 20 million families and improved obstetric and fertility care around the world for women and infants. Paris also founded and led Good Start Genetics. Good Start Genetics is a genomics technology company focused on fertility and reproductive health. Good Start Genetics was acquired by Invitae (NYSE: NVTA).

A recognized expert on entrepreneurship and DE&I, Paris has lectured extensively in academic and corporate settings including Harvard, MIT and Wharton. Paris holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College, and an M.B.A. and M.P.A from Harvard University, where he was a Reynolds Fellow.

He is an avid cyclist and he and his wife split their time between Miami and New England to avoid cold weather at all costs and keep riding bikes year-round.