CompanyMilo, Poppy Care Company

Skills & Expertise B2C, Building a Team, Co-Founder Dynamics, Company Culture, MVP Development, Product Roadmap

Industry  Childhood Development; Consumer Products & Packaged Goods; Education & Learning; Education Technology; Software/App

Virtual Appointments  Feb 10; Mar 1; Mar 2; Mar 9

In-Person Appointments  Apr 6; Apr 13

Avni Patel Thompson is the founder and CEO of Milo. She is a third-time founder building technology solutions that make everyday parenting lighter and more connected. She enjoys the helping fellow founders on the earliest stages of getting a venture off the ground. Previously she was the founder of YC-backed Poppy. Prior to taking the entrepreneurial plunge, she spent over a decade building consumer businesses at P&G, adidas, and Starbucks. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc Chemistry from the University of British Columbia. She lives in Vancouver with her husband and two daughters.