Our courses provide the foundation for understanding the processes, finances and context of entrepreneurship. They bridge the gap from the theoretical to the practical and offer invaluable takeaways for the real-world of startups.

New Venture Competition

Pitch your concept and get quality feedback, mentorship and a chance at $150,000 in prize money for your venture.

Rock Summer Fellows

Secure funding for a summer well spent between your RC and EC years developing your own new venture or joining an early-stage start-up.


We always revel in the accomplishments of our graduates and for the past eight years, we've invited experienced and successful entrepreneurs to come to HBS for the academic year to advise and mentor student entrepreneurs and work with faculty on research and course development.

Harvard Innovation Lab

A unique collaboration and education space designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation across Harvard.

Loan Reduction

Access a needs based loan reduction for graduating HBS students who have founded a for-profit new venture and are pursuing it full time.